Through the Glass Window

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Through the glass window the world awakens in blues, greens, and violets
The streams resume route in which they crawled upon before the winter’s ice had blockaded the march
The fresh breeze caresses the tulip’s buds who stretch to kiss the sun
Soft droplets float from the sky on an idyllic night as the city wallows in nostalgia

Through the glass window light like fire explodes over the hills
Roses wilt over in the sun’s deadly grasp
Society sets up under the shade of the trees, recommencing with the day’s merchandising
Relief comes only with the dawn as the city basks in eternal reverie

Through the glass window, the world’s orange hues reflect on the irises of my eyes
Leaves crunch under the feet of the many passerby
A crisp wind shakes the saplings as the autumn scent invades the air
Moonlight rains upon the increasingly barren land
Stars shoot through the sky as the city revels in autumnal dreams

Through the glass window I see it’s white everywhere
The rivers have frozen over, leaving little life but what’s beneath the surface
Bitter drafts of air leave raw marks on the traveler’s delicate skin
By night the velvet powder becomes a battlefield of glass stalagmites
Stars cry in silence as the city stops in reminiscence.

Behind the glass window I sit, the notebook across my lap, pen in hand
I map the landscape onto a blank canvas, not yet impaired by my tools pernicious ink, and further untouched by brush and oils
A candle burns to the wick as the light flickers, illuminating the workspace, as the city poses in immobile tranquility.

Ashlyn's Inspiration

I was greatly inspired by reading many classic works such as Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, as well as a novel called ‘Paris in the Fifites’ to name a few. My study of Impressionist paintings from artists such as Pierre-August Renoir and Claude Monet have further inspired me, as studying the ways in which these artists considered the landscapes around them and turned it into art. The imagery in both types of works inspired me to make a work of my own in the form of poetry. 

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Ashlyn Minton
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I am a student at Butler University studying creative media and entertainment. I come from Fort Wayne, Indiana and I have always been interested in anything relating to writing, art, music, etc. I hope to someday be able to travel and share my art with the world.

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