The Girl Underneath the Moon: A Song by Sebastian Son

“The Girl Underneath the Moon” was written by indie singer-songwriter Sebastian Son . This song, as well as the entire album , “A Summer in Quarantine”, was written when Son decided to take a gap year form school. He spent the year working various odd jobs and thinking about the future – not just his future, but also the future in general, including questions such as “what it would hold and how things might have ended up differently for me?” The result was this song, about someone not quite happy where they are, but also not quite sure if the grass is greener on the other side. This track is available on all major streaming platforms.


Full Lyrics
What if we chased that Western sky?
I’ll call tomorrow, book a first class flight
We’ll leave professors and exams behind
We’ll be our own home
I’m in the market for a different life
Cause the one I was told to buy
With the paycheck and the subway ride
Doesn’t feel quite right
But you know what I’d like to see
A place made for you and me
Some home on a distant shore
Where the grass looks green
If I could ask you just one thing
I’d ask, will you take this wedding ring
Start this life I’m better-ing
If you’ll take a chance on me
And the question for a girl your age
Is how to judge the plans you made
Things will change in a year and a day
But let’s hear an answer now
Can’t remember since I last saw you
It’s been a couple years since high school
Don’t even know what I’d say to you
We could turn off the lights and dance
And I’m nothing but a guy you knew
Writing songs from his bed room
About places he’s never seen
And things he’ll never feel
But you know what I’d like to see
A place made for you and me
Some home on a distant shore
Where the grass looks green
Just a minor flaw
I never knew
How to get the girl beneath the moon
To share
A life
With me

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Sebastian Son
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Sebastian Son is a singer-songwriter from Fort Lee, New Jersey. A recent graduate of Amherst College, he plans to move to LA in the fall to pursue music. To date, he has written a musical ("Reasons to Leave", on YouTube) and released a debut album ("A Summer in Quarantine") which can be found on all streaming platforms. He can be found on Instagram @singsebastianson.