I want to cherish the time I was with you Inside the cocoon, I refuse to grow I trap my memories of you in there Inside the cocoon, it doesn’t matter if it’s dark The light of the outside world invites me There’s a man waiting for me outside the cocoon But I immerse myself in monochrome Inside …

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Every time I look up into the sky, I can not think as to why I see the stars the way I do. Like little fireflies, flying so far above. The photons of light travel millions and billions of miles; virgin particles until my eyes are the first things they touch. The leading astronomers look up at …

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Spitting Words

Chew and chew the words to make them sweet Spit them out to scatter them The words I chew, inside my stomach mix with acid and become sour the words I scatter out of my mouth mix with acid and become bitter I became a snake I crushed the words, I swallowed them, and spit …

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Bioengineering Food or Biofood? Giving Life to Genetically Modified Food

The Greek root “bio” means life and is typically found in words referring to having or giving life. These words are commonplace in academia and science. Words like biology, biotechnology, biography, and biochemistry float across the heads of Americans after spending years in school classrooms learning about these subjects. The use of the root extends …

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Photography By Megan Gorsky

Tide Pools Hidden Stingers Rainy Road Foggy Forest aMOOsed by the mountains Olympia nights Cliff Hanger Rebuttal & Critique There are no R & C’s yet… Have a Rebuttal or Critique for This Work? Submit here

Traits of Europe

     I am still very new into the photography game, but I have fallen in love with the idea that an individual picture captured at a split second in time can encapsulate such a strong feeling of emotion. I try and find the simple things around me that trigger some sort of feeling or memory …

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