Rebuttal/Critique Submissions

Guidelines: You may submit a response to any work in the form of a rebuttal or critique. This is not a traditional comment as found on other news and social platforms. Instead, it is a legitimate, well-written, argument or critique that – in addition to meeting the UJ’s publication guidelines detailed below – responds directly to the piece it is addressing. These will be reviewed by the editorial staff on a priority basis and published beneath the work it addresses.

Please note that all writing (except for research) should be under 2,000 words.

Publication Guidelines

    1. Does the work embody the core values of The University Journal, providing unique perspectives that are insightful to the reader?
    2. Is the work successful in its intent and free from mechanical/technical issues as found in a Purdue OWL style guide?
    3.  Is the work free from hateful intent and rhetoric?
    4. Are citations relevant, properly formatted, credible, and used within their context?
    5.  Is data presented in research robust enough to draw conclusions?\
    6. Does the work reflect our community values?