We Are Small: A Photo Collection

I took these photos during my time traveling through Wyoming and Colorado in 2020. When I collected all of my images from this trip, these ones, in particular, stood out to me. It’s not hard for me to recall the sensation of water spraying my face while standing at the base of the waterfall, or the smell of the earth while crouching down to capture the mushrooms. These photos reminded me how small I am. They help me relive how freeing it was to come to this realization in the mountains. Nothing is more valuable on this earth than slowing down to acknowledge that you are simply a part of it.

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Abby Fostveit
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Abby Fostveit is an undergraduate student at Butler University studying journalism and environmental science. She is from Longmont, Colorado and has always had a passion for writing and telling stories. She hopes to someday combine her love for the outdoors and storytelling into a career.