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* This journal is not affiliated with any institution, academic or otherwise. If there is a question of conflict of interest in maintaining a role at The University Journal with another, please reach out to for information and clarification. *

We are currently looking for web designers, social media coordinators, editors, and interviewing journalists. These roles are volunteer, and commitment time is based on your needs and availability. Just as the journal is independent and driven by the interests of its readers, we value your independence and want to give you the freedom to explore and develop personally and professionally.
Web Designers:
We are looking to incorporate user accounts, improved interface, a newsletter, and more into the journal. The web designer is primarily responsible for the maintenance and development of the In addition, this role will be involved in the production of the quarterly journal, to be archived for future reference. Those with experience working with WordPress, searching/database functions, SEO, graphic design, and site security are preferred.
Social Media Coordinators:

We want to expand our reach! Social media presence is important for our growth, and we want increase our ability to get the word out. If interested in this position, please submit at least one writing sample and links to social media, outreach, or design work!


We are seeking both consulting and staff editors to review submissions to the journal. Consulting editors will be contacted relatively infrequently with technical or niche submissions to review (music, technical research, etc.). Staff editors will be more heavily involved, reviewing and editing submissions on a weekly basis. All editors should have excellent reading and writing skills, outstanding mechanics, and a love for learning and critical thinking. They should also be open-minded and willing to review and publish perspectives that they may not agree with.

Staff Journalists:

We are inviting staff journalists with excellent writing, interviewing, and interpersonal skills to join our team. One of our goals is to provide a platform to share interviews and insights from famous authors, musicians, artists, politicians, and more! This role will be writing and interview intensive, and we want to give our team members as much freedom as possible to explore their own interests as they navigate the needs of the journal. Staff Journalists should be prepared design, write, and transcribe interviews that will be published in a minimalist style.

If you would like to join the project in one of these capacities, send an email to with the following:
1. A Short Introduction
2. A Transcript if Applicable (unofficial is fine)
3.  A Resume
4. At least two writing or design samples.
Thank you for your interest. We look forward to reviewing your materials!