Introducing the inaugural

The UJ High School Publishing Contest

An opportunity for high school students to share, receive feedback on, and celebrate their work! Submissions due by May 15.

Rules and contest information below!

About the Contest

The UJ is a new-media collective for sharing insightful work from all. We provide a space for people of all backgrounds to publish work and have critical conversations through our moderated critique and rebuttal process. You can learn more about The UJ by reading our about section.

We are excited to introduce the first ever UJ High School Publishing Contest. This is an opportunity for high school students to submit work in five general categories: opinion, writing, art, research, and interview. Winning submissions will be published to our site in our June issue, and one especially excellent submission will be featured on our front page for the entire month of June! We believe that two heads are better than one, so all submissions will receive constructive feedback and encouragement. The contest’s rules and guidelines are below.

Thanks for visiting The UJ! We are excited to welcome you to our community and look forward to reviewing your work! Any questions may be sent

Rules and Guidelines

1. Think deeply about something.

The topic is up to you! It can be a passion project or something you think doesn’t get enough attention; we want to hear all about what you’re invested in. Have a favorite teacher you’d like to interview? A sport you enjoy? A book to analyze? An opinion you want to share? This is the place to do it. You choose the topic!

2. Create with style.

Let us hear your voice. You don’t have to be a genius with the written word as long as your writing shows you off.

3. Be respectful.

We believe that people can have all sorts of ideas about how to think about the world, but these ideas need to be presented in a way that is both respectful and productive.

4. Keep it neat and concise.

Write with good grammar and without extraneous language. Written submission should be under 2000 words (this is a limit not a requirement).

5. Create with style.

Think outside of the box! Take risks and be proud of your work. Don’t be afraid to do something different!

*We reserve the right to accept or reject any piece based on editorial discretion*

Submit Work Here:

Prompt Ideas

While we want you to choose an idea of your own to pursue in your work, these prompts may guide your thinking

1. What is the biggest problem that humanity is facing today and how might we solve it?

2. What is something that we think of as “normal” now that in 100 years we will be shocked was a standard part of culture/society?

3. What is your favorite book/movie/painting/song/etc.? Why is it meaningful to you and why should everyone explore it?

4. How can we navigate tensions between economic needs and environmental/conservation needs?

5. How has COVID-19 shaped your high school experience?