For the Love of Poetry

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A poem —


Casts out all health,

Head-spinning, heart-pounding.

Captures in headlights of

love – it needles, pins,

Operates on souls,


Festers veins to coal,

Burns the skin a gold,

Making path to home,

Knocks and downs the doors

Swelters ev’ry bone.


Pushing, stretching,

Edges the explode,

Grabs the flesh all ’round,

tears a sleepless hole,

Burning sails,


Sinks the boat to hell.

Refuses day,

Befriends the dark,

And steadies the pulse

Of a romantic love.

Lauren's Inspiration

 “For the Love of Poetry” doubles as Ars Poetica and a love poem. It is a love poem to poetry and admires its capability to push the boundaries. Poetry should reach to the depths of our being and encourage vulnerability. Through submitting this poem, I hope to share with others the feeling of romantic love that poetry provides.

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Lauren Ramon
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Hello, I'm Lauren Ramon! I am a writer and filmmaker from Indiana. I attend Guerin Catholic High School. My artistic inspirations include Emily Dickinson, Wes Anderson, and Mike Flanagan.

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