About Us

The University Journal is an independent new media collective dedicated to sharing insightful work and sparking conversation. We were founded at the end of 2021 with the goal of creating a space for diverse and stimulating thought, with emphasis on discovery and constructive debate. Our roots lie in a desire to share and discuss important ideas, providing room for diverse perspectives and collaborative growth. That’s why we accept rebuttals and critiques to be published beneath other’s work after being critically reviewed by our editorial staff. Consider us a Socratic seminar on the national stage, except you decide the form, topic, and response.

Though we are based in the model of the university system, we don’t think that one needs to be enrolled in a university to foster wonder and curiosity. We believe that universities, in their purest form, are places for new perspectives, personal growth, and rigorous debate. These values should not be boxed away in often prohibitively expensive institutions. Rather, they should be cultivated publicly, regardless of social context. To foster this ideal, we encourage excellent submissions from all, without requirement for any particular level of formal education.

In submitting to The UJ, you choose the topic, and you drive the conversation. Works of all forms are accepted for publication in five broad categories: Opinion, Writing, Art, Research, and Interview.

 At this stage in our development, we cannot provide monetary incentives for publications. We hope to one day distribute a percentage of any revenue or donations to the writers and  staff members who help make The University Journal what we believe it can become.

Our staff consists of a group of volunteers from around the country who have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields. We are thankful for their support and commitment to this vision.

And thank you for joining us on this journey. We invite you to take part in this collective and shape it into the space we believe it can be.


– Nick Robie (Founder/Editor-in-Chief) & The Rest of the University Journal Staff
* Any suggestions or comments regarding the journal may be mailed to:
publishing@theuniversityjournal.com *

*  See the vision and want to join our team? We are seeking applications for web designers, editors (consulting and staff), interviewing journalists, and social media coordinators. More information on these positions can be found here *