An Update on The UJ:

Dear Reader,

You may have noticed that things have been fairly quiet at The University Journal recently. Never fear — we are still determined to achieve everything we believe that this platform can become. We are currently working on a major rebrand of our concept with new features and increased interactivity coming soon. Please note that we are still accepting submissions through our normal channels. 

Thank you for your continued support of this platform. We look forward to being back with you soon! 

– The University Journal Staff


* For information on the inaugural UJ high school publishing contest, click here. *

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We’re a new media collective with staff and contributors from around the country. We publish new insightful work here monthly. Consider us a mix between an academic journal, a digital magazine, and a platform for social interactivity.

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We publish work of all forms in the categories of Opinion, Writing, Art, Research, and Interview. Submissions are peer reviewed by our volunteer editorial board.

What Sets Us Apart?

In addition to being a place to view content, we are a platform for productive interactivity. Submit a comment, rebuttal, or critique of work – that also goes through our peer review process – and contribute to the discussion in a constructive way!

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You! Anyone can submit to the journal, regardless of background. If you’ve got insightful work, we want to see it. Add your perspective to our collective and join our community today!

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